Yakov Bogatin:Crohn’s disease – the beginning

Crohn’s disease – a chronic inflammatory bowel disease of autoimmune nature, having the character of transmural (affecting all layers of the intestine). The most frequent complications are irreversible changes in the intestine (intestinal segment stenosis, strictures, fistulas) also for this disease is characterized by numerous abenteric defeat.

Yakov Bogatin admits that the first symptoms of Crohn’s disease usually appear in young age (15-35 years), and this may be as intestinal and abenteric manifestations.
It is very important to diagnose Crohn’s disease in time and to start treatment, because if diagnosed and treatment started later than 3 years after diagnosis of the first symptoms, complications develop in 100% of cases.

Symptoms of Crohn’s disease:

• in lesions of the colon – abdominal pain, rumbling, bloating, diarrhea;
• cramping;
• patients lose weight, there appear signs of polyhypovitaminosis, metabolic disorders of varying severity.

Crohn’s disease with predominant syndrome AHD

Variant of the disease occurring with a lesion of the small intestine and the development of syndrome of enteric disease (AHD). According to Yakov Bogatin for this variant of the disease is characteristic of the combination of enteral insufficiency syndrome with the syndrome of partial intestinal obstruction. In these cases, patients complain on pain, spastic character in different parts of the abdomen, bloating, often vomiting. You can identify a Wahl symptom, when there is a local abdominal distension and visible peristalsis of small intestine loops in this area. Sometimes Yakov Bogatin says that when auscultation at a height hyperperistalsis bloated intestinal loop can hear rumbling, after which the swelling is reduced and often diarrhea (a symptom Koenig).


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