Yakov Bogatin: Green Tea

Green tea has appeared on our shelves recently but managed to find its admirers. He was confirmed to be a storehouse of nutrients and an elixir of health. And what experts from the East say about the properties of green tea, where the tea is traditionally grown?

Yakov Bogatin together with the experts of the Centre for Cancer Research in Japan during the decade surveyed 9000 people and found that those who drank 9-10 cups of green tea a day, lived an average of five to seven years longer than those who drank less than three cups. In addition, it turned out that among the lovers of green tea all types of cancer cases was 25-30% less. The Japanese believe that this tea – a cure for cancer and slows the growth of tumors.

Professor Chen Tsikun from the Institute of tea in China as well as Yakov Bogatin note that tea, especially green – an effective tool against radiation sickness. And if you look long color TV or sitting at the computer screen, the green tea neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation screen.

Yakov Bogatin says that green tea speeds up the decomposition of blood cholesterol and fats (which atherosclerosis, heart disease), it regularly supports the use of blood vessel elasticity, prevents obesity, the liver, hampering the overall aging of the organism. It also reduces the weight, pressure, removes the salt. No wonder Japan ranks last for hypertension among developed countries.

Benefits of green tea lies in the fact that it has a greater physiological activity and helps with hepatitis and rheumatism, tones the muscles of the heart. According to Yakov Bogatin it consists of iodine, potassium, copper, vitamins C1, B1, B2, PP, K, and they reinforce the walls of blood vessels and possess a strong antibacterial effect.

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